Leah Foushee Waller 
The Vintage Button Series is a metaphorical exploration of a mother's journeying efforts of 'keeping it all together'. Sifting and gleaning pieces from various generations of button collections, then hand sculpting and casting them larger than life reflects the process of everything discovered, pondered, and endured on the journey of motherhood.  Each button, seemingly a portrait,  honors the mothers before us, and the stories and memories that shaped their lives.

The Seashells
Sculpting the seashells is a meditative and sanative practice of processing pieces of self-discovery and uncovering connections of who we are with who we were. The process of collecting shells to sculpt, the gleaning and keeping, represents the uncovering and observing what the past offers us to find out about ourselves.
Inspired in part by Cynthia Barnett’s The Sound of the Sea: Seashells and the Fate of the Oceans, this body of work also acknowledges and celebrates the role of the shell throughout the development of Indigenous Culture and our connection to the land and sea.

Leah Foushee Waller
This series was inspired by the relationship between plants and the historical and contemporary human practice of ritual, celebration, and habit. These cast metal bas-reliefs highlight seven commonly consumed plant-based substances by contemporary societies. The media of cast metal in bas-relief references ancient cultures and traditions, while the subject of harvest-ready, mood altering plants remind the viewer of the very nature of these popular and, to some, sinful substances.